3 Ways Mindfulness can Help Start-Ups

Launching a start-up is a giant balancing act.

Start-ups demand a lot of their leaders: the ability to juggle long hours, payroll pressures, the relentless need for clarity and skill to dazzle the next client or investor – all the while ensuring the product or service gets to market as promised. Not only is the launch team required to manage investor realities, keep an eye on cash flow, and oversee new hires, they are ultimately responsible for getting to market – quickly and efficiently.  Mindfulness offers tools and an approach that can be of great benefit for those at the helm.

While multi-tasking is a source of  pride for most entrepreneurs, research is showing it can lead to mistakes, and impulsive decision making – often at the expense of time and resources.

For leaders under pressure, mindfulness may offer a more direct path to enhanced concentration and resiliency.

Three ways Mindfulness can help Start-ups:

1. Mindfulness training offers specific instructions on how to return to the moment, and not get lost in ‘what if’s and should haves’.   This is crucial when difficult and timely decisions with multiple implications are being made. Regrets about the past, and over-analysis of future outcomes can dull timely execution.

2. Mindfulness offers a way to manage the inevitable ‘erosion of clarity’ that occurs as a by-product of long hours and multiple stressors.   Entrepreneurs and others  involved in high stakes decision making often pride themselves on speed and nimbleness. Mindfulness offers a pathway to resiliency – a way to come back to peak performance again and again, regardless of day in and day out pressures.

3. Mindfulness can be a practice is self-awareness. Nothing can put a spotlight on what is going on around us, and inside of us, like mindfulness. Launching a company is an ‘all-in’ occupation – and yet naturally entrepreneurs also have family, friends, and relationships outside work.  Evidence based mindfulness practices rooted in neuroscience help bring clarity and balance to the stressors of overseeing a startup – good news for everyone involved.

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