Introducing: The Mindful Card Collection


The Mindful Collectionheart inspired note cards supporting our collective effort to reach out to each other with compassion, encouragement, and love. 

This collection of 3 original watercolour blank cards includes matching colour envelopes and is available for $16.95 shipping & taxes incl. ❤️

A few months back I had the pleasure of meeting an inspiring tribe of women through a Volta tech incubator event.  To say I was impressed by these women’s hustle and creativity is an understatement. True to her ‘career title’ my new friend, Allyson England – Connector and Big Thinker – hooked me up with Paper Heart’s brainchild and founder Stefanie MacDonald. Technically her side hustle, Paper Hearts is slaying the paper card industry with authentic, diverse, heart-inspired original creations.

I just knew she was the one to collaborate with me to create  tangible, creative offshoot of The Mindful Project.

I was inspired to create this cards to support our collective effort to reach out and continue to build community with one another with compassion, encouragement, and love.

These original watercolours were handprinted by Inc. magazine writer Robin Camarote  and are printed on  FSC, SFI & Rainforest Alliance certified paper, which means they’re made using forestry practices that are response, fair and environmentally sustainable.

Sorry, these cards are only sold as a collection of 3