Mindfulness Training + You: FAQs

orange gerber daisy in hand

Q: I’m worried I’ll lose my edge if I become more ‘mindful’. Will this happen? 

Many people tell me that an undercurrent of anxiety and need to fix or change situations often ‘helps’ their career.  This approach becomes a problem when it begins to wear on our bodies and minds. Many people report that in fact mindfulness sharpens their edge – in a way that is more sustainable – and that they begin to live with more ease and even perhaps more contentment.

Q: Meditation feels very ‘woo-woo’ to me – is mindfulness only suited to spiritual people?

Many of the practices associated with mindfulness have roots in Eastern tradition – and, there is a growing field of neuroscience research that highlights the benefit of ‘brain fitness’. Mindfulness is now widely integrated into healthcare settings, professional sports, education, the workplace, and many other areas of society. Check out this article on my website for more on this topic.

Q: This all feels a bit touchy-feely to me – do I have to share personal information at a mindfulness workshop?

Nope. Not at all. Exploring mindfulness is a uniquely personal journey. Learning and ‘practicing’ in a group has benefits much like a gym membership – but your privacy is always supported.

Q: I’m too busy to sit and meditate – how can I make time in my day?

Mindfulness is both a practice – that we explore through meditation – and also a ‘work in progress’ sense of being we bring to our day-day life in practical ways. Many people integrate mindfulness meditation into their early morning routine. I’ll help you explore the practical side of integrating mindfulness into your life to help you find a path that works for you.

Q: Do I have to buy a meditation cushion, wear flowing robes or light incense?

only if you want to. 😎