The Mindful Project + TidalShift announce partnership



I’m delighted to announcing my recent partnership with Toronto + Vancouver based TidalShift – an international and award-winning learning and development organization.

“TidalShift Partners with The Mindful Project to Help Leaders & Businesses Build Resiliency, Effectiveness, and Creativity Mindfulness in the Workplace”

As part of TidalShift’s ongoing commitment to top quality learning and development, we are excited to announce our new partnership with The Mindful Project. Through this partnership, TidalShift will now be offering its clients access to the highest standard of secular Mindfulness training aimed at educating Senior Leaders and Managers in improving decision-making, enhancing clarity, and expanding creativity.

Mindfulness provides a pathway and a set of tools and practices to better understand what is happening in our minds in order to more effectively respond to our circumstances with improved choices and increased clarity.

In practice, mindfulness supports resiliency — the ability to return to peak performance again and again, and is now scientifically validated as a form of ‘brain fitness’. For senior leaders and executives, Mindfulness has been described as a pathway to increased resiliency, enhanced sense of balance, sharpened insight, and an increase in one’s ability to inspire others.

This new curriculum, unique to Canada, is grounded in the accredited and tested Mindful Awareness Program (MAPS), designed by the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Centre (MARC) as part of the Semel Neuroscience Institute.

Through a variety of workshop formats, participants will learn a set of tools and approaches they can begin to apply in their day to day life both in the workplace and at home that will lower stress, enhance clarity and improve decision making

About Beth Wallace

Beth is the first Canadian certified by the Mindfulness Awareness Research Centre (MARC) at UCLA, and will be offering TidalShift clients content and training that builds on evidence-based scientific mindfulness research. With over 25 years of experience, primarily in the education and software sectors, Beth has been working with start-up and growing organizations in all major regions in Canada and across the US, helping them troubleshoot their barriers to growth.

Through The Mindful Project, Beth assists others to uncover their natural ability for greater clarity, resiliency, and presence in meeting the challenges of leadership.

Beth offers mindfulness based programs that emphasize resiliency and growth. The format ranges from presentations and keynotes, to seminars, workshop training, and individual coaching format. Beth also engages in project based in-house consulting.

Beth is a board and faculty member of the Atlantic Contemplative Center and regularly publishes articles on mindfulness.

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