My Journey

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Like most people, I’ve had my share of the natural ups and downs in life – at home and at work. About 10 years ago I began hearing about mindfulness as an anecdote to stress and anxiety – and references to mindfulness seemed to be popping up everywhere. What was all the hype?

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After my youngest was born, I did a full STOP on my working life for a year or so. As someone who was always ‘full throttle’ with career, it was a bit of a shock to my system.  For the first time in over 20 years  I allowed myself to notice what I likely knew was there all along, but hadn’t tapped into –  the constant chatter in my brain, and the growing sense of how important distractions had become.

Over the years I’d perfected the practice of ruminating about the past, and worrying about the future. In technicolor. And the trick of it was that my unwillingness to be friendlier with myself likely helped my career — but it did me no favours in other areas of my life.  I knew I wasn’t really present for those I loved and cared about, I was having trouble tapping into creativity, and having a sense of ease and joy in my life was getting tougher.  It seemed like I was ‘split’ much of the time.  Something was off….

me-and-georgia-winterOnce I started experiencing some of the benefits of mindfulness and meditation, I became convinced that there were many other people out there – working and living fairly ‘ordinary’ lives – who could really benefit from these practices. This conviction has taken me on a journey I’m excited to be part of. I’m passionate about de-mystifying mindfulness and meditation and am very grateful to have discovered this path.

While mindfulness has been helpful in lowering my response to stressful situations and reactivity, it isn’t a gateway to bliss.  It’s like being given a  new lens – a new way of seeing the texture of  life – and some tools to relate to the patterns that emerge over time. Or, as my friend says, it’s like turning the light up – allowing us to perhaps make more informed decisions, maybe more skillfully, and likely, with less pain.

So, here we are. You’re on this website checking out my work because perhaps you’re curious about how mindfulness could fit into your life – at home, at work, day-to-day. 

Perhaps you’re searching for a pathway to greater creativity and resiliency, or coping with a stressful time. Or you just might be curious about the mindfulness hype!  Whatever your reasons are, I’m super happy we’ve met.

Please join me on this journey…  

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