What People are Saying

 Workplace Programs

‘Beth’s workshop: ‘Mindfulness – the Power of Attention’ was a great introduction to how mindfulness can help our senior managers learn new ways to support their resiliency at work and home. Her description of mindfulness as ‘brain fitness’ was a great introduction to the latest benefits, research and the possibilities of practice of mindfulness. Participants learned a few practical tools and approaches they can begin to apply in their day to day life that may ultimately lower stress and enhance decision making in our fast paced and often hectic environment. Thank you Beth!’

oa-conference-20162–Glen Bannon, Manager, Transit Operations, Halifax Transit.

‘The timing of meeting Beth couldn’t have been more perfect. Our industry had been greatly impacted by the stock market crash in 2008. After years of challenges we were over stressed. In order to avoid burnout, change was needed. With confidence and ease, Beth gained a firm understanding of our business environment and implemented an effective Mindfulness plan, which has sustainably reduced our stress and increased efficiency. Our work family has appreciated Beth’s ability to adapt to our different personalities, always delivering her knowledge with grace, kindness and humour.’

–Sarah Matheson, President, East Coast Specialty Hardwoods Ltd.

Beth did a great job de-mystifying the benefits of mindfulness in the workplace.
Her solid background combined with warm and reassuring approach really resonated with my team of engineers and programmers. She gave us several great suggestions on how to explore mindfulness at work, & skillfully shared practices we could do solo or as a group – both at home and at work. Her workshop gave us all another way to approach stressful situations & enhance communication. Very cool!’ 

–John Leahy, CEO, Immediac.com


Keynotes & Workshops

“Beth was asked to deliver a 45 minute key note address and workshop for our graduating class of Office Administrators from NSCC and faculty on the topic of Mindfulness. Her talk was the perfect blend of content and awareness raising, combined with relevant real world insight into the challenges and rewards of integrating mindfulness into the classroom, daily life and workplace. Her knowledge of the latest research, understanding of the application of mindfulness, and excellence in public speaking made this talk one of the most popular at the conference. She is a relaxed and engaging speaker.”

–Anne Schroeder, Asst to the Dean, School of Applied Arts & New Media and School of Business, Nova Scotia Community College


‘Over the past year, Beth has spent time with many members of our school community at Armbrae Academy, providing a wonderful introduction to mindfulness practices. She has worked with students and faculty, creating accessible and engaging workshops that meet participants where they are and offer individuals practical ways to incorporate mindfulness into their everyday lives. Beth has generously shared her knowledge and experience with us and is an incredible contributor to the Armbrae community.’

–Ally Read, English Teacher & Director of University Guidance, Armbrae Academy

‘I met Beth though our work with Volta as collaborators on a “Fireside Chat” on mindfulness and resiliency. Beth is exceptionally charismatic, knowledgable and helpful in sharing her expertise on this topic. She engaged the audience with her insight on best practices and used supporting scientific research and frameworks to make the content meaningful. She provided the group with tactical recommendations and tools on how we, as female leaders in a fast paced and multi- faceted environment, can use mindfulness to make better decisions and maintain our peak performance levels- all while remaining true to ourselves.’ 

–Allyson England, Big Thinking & Connector, Halifax Paper Hearts

“The mindfulness in business workshop that Beth presented to the Business students and faculty at the college was wonderful. It was a great mixture of solid facts and science to help us understand why we would want to try it and some practice to show us how easy mindfulness could be. The students were engaged and the feedback on the workshop was encouraging. Beth presents mindfulness in a way that everyone can understand and appreciate it. Following Beth’s introduction, there was an increase in both staff and students using the mindfulness centre”

–Mandi Arnold, Faculty School of Access & Online Learning, Nova Scotia Community College

Public Programsat-conservatory

Beth is a wonderful mindful practice facilitator and coach. Her approach to teaching about this important practice is very approachable. She has a wealth of knowledgeable and is passionate about sharing it.” – Donna A.

‘I have been searching for the stillness in my life for some time now. Looking for the space between the light that enables us to be present in the moment. Having taken the 6 week course with Beth as part of her Mindful Project has been inspiring, peaceful and sincere. It is with this sincerity that I hope to be able to instill in my daily life the “distance” from and the “lightness” towards a more mindful and present existence.’ – Cynthia L.

‘I am amazed at how this course has helped in making me aware of the breath and truly giving me an anchor. The content of the course has also shown me anxiety and negative emotions are OK and I must be gentle to myself when they arrive. I am hoping to continue this practice, learn more and be on route to the best version of myself (whoever that is)!’ – Lisa H.

‘Beth was a true joy to meet. She is very kind and welcoming. Her workshop created a shift in my life allowing me to present in the moment which allowed me to be present in my life and truly experience emotions as they evolved. ‘ – Holly L.

‘Beth is a talented facilitator and offers wonderful Mindfulness workshops. She has an excellent understanding of mindful practices, and is able to provide a practical approach to incorporating mindfulness into every day life. I thoroughly enjoyed attending her workshop on February 6th.’ – Jennifer A.

‘I whole-heatedly endorse Beth’s 6-week mindfulness program. I have found it very beneficial and will continue with mindfulness practice in my everyday life.’ – Darcy M.

One on One Mindfulness Coaching & Support

‘Beth is an exceptional listener which, I believe, helped her to best understand how mindfulness mediation ‎could help me. With her support, I learned that I can calm myself by inserting intentional pauses in my life and mediating, even for five minutes a day. Thank you for opening my mind to mindfulness and starting me on this journey, Beth!’ – Theresa R.

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